Monday, January 5, 2009

Simmy's Latest Adventure

Poor Sim fell down my mom's porch stairs while carrying Simmy out to the car last Sunday night. Simmy went flying, and was knocked out cold. When we could not get him to wake up we called the paramedics, and he was ambulanced to Primary Childrens Medical Center. When Simmy did start to respond, he was very combative, and pretty funny. He informed the Doctors and nurses in a loud scream that he was "The child with the baddest life ever." This was ofcourse after he had already accused them of trying to kill him, because they had him strapped down to a board with a hard collar on his neck. Here is a picture of him after he became once again our sweet, human child, and started to recognize us. He had a concussion, but is doing great now. The first few days after were like "50 First Dates" at our house. Thank heaven that has resolved. We are just so glad he is ok. Love you Buddy!


Joni said...

Hi Aub, how are you all doing? Have you given up on the blog thing? What is going on in your life? We have a new blog if you are interested. How are you feeling?

GoatesGirl said...

Oh, poor kid! He looks cute though. Fun to see your kids and looking forward to meeting Jaxton. Hope you're feeling well.