Saturday, October 17, 2009

Simmy "The Man" Jr.

Simmy is back in school and loving it. The other day I went to school lunch with him. I always knew he was quite the popular kid, but not to the extent that he really is. The kids practically sit on laps to get close to him, and the girls can't get enough of him. He gets "high fives" from all the big kids, and kisses from the girls (involuntarily). I would tease him that the girls sucked all his teeth out with kisses, if I hadn't witnessed the dentist pulling them out to allow room for his permanent teeth. His best friend Christian recently gave him a big "cross" necklace that he paraded around in for a few days. It was pretty cute! Christian infomed me that he has already saved up $30 for Sim's birthday present next May (what the crap is he planning on buying?). His friend Anthony said "Hey Sim, who's the Mamacita? Yowzzza!" Sim said "Dude, that's my Mom!" Anthony said "Nice! A pretty lady with a pretty baby!" His friends are a crack up! Sim loves math, science, art, and P.E. best. He is very particular about his clothes and hair, which drives me crazy in the morning, but our very patient bus driver waits for him outside our house while he decides what shoes to wear. He is such a cute, smart, handsome boy. I love you Simmy!